Well Water Test Kit

Friday, February 7, 2014

WaterSafe WS425W is a bestseller well water test kit. It is easy to use, affordable, fast and accurate. This single-use kit tests your well water for 10 contaminants including lead, iron and copper, detects nitrates and nitrites, potentially harmful bacterias and toxins from fertilizers and pesticides, as well as identifies dangerous chlorine levels. It also checks "hardness" and pH balance of your well water. WaterSafe WS425W test kit includes user manual with drinking water standarts recommended by EPA, that lets you to compare your results with EPA recomendations.

One of the great things about modern technology is that age old problems can be completely fixed with a simple device. For centuries people have been struggling to get fresh drinking water that is free from contamination, whether it be bacteria or some kind of unnoticeable poisoning. A large portion of the population needs well water, but they don't know how to protect themselves. Well water testing kits are some of the best investments that you can make in your own health and the Watersafe WS425W Well Water Test Kit is the best device for the job. Anyone who is going to try to test their water to make sure it is safe should be using this specific test kit above all others.

Why You Need To Test Your Well Water

As one of the most well known brands of well water testing kits, WaterSafe has made a name for itself with incredibly accurate and fast testing data. This device can be used to determine what the safety level of the water is in accordance with EPA regulations set out by the United States government. This is a huge benefit for people who want to make sure they are only drinking water that passes restrictions for their own safety.

Another major problem that many people have with their well water is that they cannot detect many of the problems. The WaterSafe testing kit actually helps to detect ten different kinds of metals that may be located in your water. This includes copper, iron, lead, and a number of others that can kill human beings when ingested in doses that are too high.

In addition to the metal, the WaterSafe can also do a fabulous job checking for nitrates and nitrites to make sure that you do not ingest too many of these. While they are often overlooked by other well water testing kits, the WaterSafe product makes sure that you are protected.

Best Reasons To Buy WaterSafe Testing Kit

As the last section shows, one of the main reasons to purchase the WaterSafe well water testing kit is to protect yourself and your family from potentially dangerous toxins that may be in the water. Another reason to do so is because of the price. There is no other product on the market that can do things similar to WaterSafe and still cost such a low amount. It is a fraction of the cost of most other water testing kits, but more importantly, it will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you have to compare it with a hospital visit.

With thousands of happy customers, the WaterSafe well water testing kit has proven beyond a doubt to be one of the most innovative approaches to decontaminating water that exists today. If you are trying to make sure you and your family are safe from metals and other kinds of contamination that could cause health issues without you even realizing it, then the affordable WaterSafe product is something for you.

How To Test Well Water

how to test well water

Upon looking at well water there is usually a question that pops into most educated people’s minds: “how to test well water?” This question is an important one because even though water wells are an important source of water for many people, there are always concerns that it could be riddled with some kind of virus or infection. For these scenarios it is actually worse to have a water well than to not have one at all. Nonetheless, we will use the following article to help you learn how to test well water and determine whether or not the water is good enough for drinking. If the well water is bad we will also teach you some simple methods of making potable.

Why You Have to Test Well Water

Every person who has ever had a sip of water from a well must know how to test well water for parasites or other kinds of bacteria or infections. This is true because they can cause serious stomach and intestinal problems that can last for a very long time. In fact, many people all over the world actually die from poor well water. Although this is their own negligence, it is still important to know that there are consequences in special cases. You also need to learn how to test well water with specific devices and instruments that are available in many shops and stores. These devices will help to give readings and indicators about whether or not the water is worth drinking or not. In some cases you may find that these tools actually save your life. Saving your life or that of a loved one is reason enough to learn how to test well water.

How to Test and Fix Well Water

Testing your well water is an important part of maintaining a healthy community and family. If you are unable to frequently test the water then you might fall into the trap of drinking something that is not good for your body and can make you sick. However, if you find out early enough that the water is not potable, then there are recourses that you can take. First of all, there are some dissolvable materials that you can put in the water when there is a certain type of bacteria in the water. These types of materials will help to clean the water, but another methods is much older and simpler. You can just take the water from the well, after you determine that it is bad, and boil it. This boiling process will help you to get rid of all the bacteria that may have formed inside the water well. This is a great way for communities to make sure that they get all of their water ready for people to drink. Not learning how to test well water can lead to some very bad problems for the people that drink it, cook with it, or even bathe with it on a daily basis.

Well Drilling Process

Monday, January 6, 2014

well water drilling

One of the most important aspects of getting water wells for people in rural communities is the drilling process. Most of the people who need water wells are unable to pay for well water drilling because the machinery is so expensive. Nonetheless, it is possible to have companies come and offer to drill water wells for a fraction of the price. Many of these companies and individuals have been able to provide water to people around the world for many years. Below we will introduce you to well water drilling and show exactly how and why it is so useful.


Obviously a dug well is going to be much different than a drilled well because of the quality, but we will hopefully show you exactly what the difference is. One of the main advantages of well water drilling is that the length of the well can be several hundred meters. In many cases this means that more water can be stored in the event of rains or whatever else collects. However, this also means that the well itself can tap into underground water that is unreachable to the people who are digging normally. Some of the normal wells that are dug can be as deep as 3 – 18 meters, but well water drilling can yield 900 meters or so. Most of the drilled water wells are cased with some type of metal. In many cases it is cased with steel, which provides a barrier to chemical seepage and contamination. This is incredibly important for many of the regions where the water filtration systems are not able to provide well water treatment. This can end up protecting people’s lives.


Even though there are so many advantages for well water drilling, the costs to do so are not considerably higher. Many people believe that drilling water wells will be incredibly expensive because they are so much more efficient than the dug wells. However, in many cases the water drilling is cheaper because it is much quicker and efficient. Also, you can rent out the drilling equipment with the help of a company’s team so that you can get the drilling done without buying any equipment. For many of the communities that need the well water drilling, this is an incredibly important sticking point. The ability to get cheap holes dug is one thing that allows men and women to get water all the time. The pumps will perhaps add different costs to the total expenditure of the drilling, but the casing and all the other advantages are well worth the additions. You will quickly find that the safety and precision of using a drill rather than digging the well will make it worth the cost. Safety and efficiency should be of the utmost importance to anyone trying to get a water well made. Drilling has been proven to be the most efficient way to safely protect people from bad drinking water for many years.

Wells Are Important Source Of Drinking Water

Sunday, January 5, 2014

well water

While many parts of the world already use water that is piped into apartments, commercial buildings, and other areas, there are large swaths of land where well water reigns supreme. In these places, a structure is built deep in the ground in order to hold aquifers that pool water in order for communities to use them. Although it is rudimentary in design, it is incredibly efficient if the right tools are used to create the well water. Below we will offer a bit of information about how to dig wells and also show some examples of how it can be useful across the world.

How to Get Well Water

Maintaining well water is not one of the most difficult things to do, but the initial phase of creating the well can be difficult for most communities. The rural villages and towns that need the well water will often face problems coming up with a drill or pump that can help them to make the initial well. In some cases they pool their money together in order to pay for a well water pump and treatment of the water, but other cases they are donated. Furthermore, there is a section of the population that also buys well water for their large property as an alternative to piping for many kilometers. Once the location for the water well has been set up, the well water pump can be used to create the hole in the ground that is used in order to fill the well. This is a quick and efficient way to get water in communities where pipes of water may not be a viable option. After this most simplistic phase is completed there are many other add-ons that can be made as well. Well water filtration systems and other treatment items can be added to the well water in order to make the system cleaner or higher quality. It will depend on the customer for the water well.

Where Well Water is Useful

Even though well water has a reputation for being in Africa and other parts of the world where piped water might be difficult, that doesn’t mean that is the only location. There are many instances where well water might be useful for you to have. Some land that is outside the city, even for people who are located in wealthier nations, should have a well built so that costly piping doesn’t have to span the kilometers from the nearest water source into your home. For centuries people have used water wells to collect and store water that they needed to use for later. Today the technology may be far advanced, but the principle is the same. The effects that the well water is having on people is also quite drastic as well. It has helped to improve the lives of millions of people worldwide from all kinds of socio-economic status. If you know someone with a large property, convince them to invest in one of the best life-giving items they can.

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